Workers’ Issues and the Fight for a Living Wage

  • I support our unions in their fight for the enforcement of a prevailing wage and a living wage in all NYS job sectors, especially healthcare, education, construction, and certain labor trades.
  • I support safe staffing and working conditions. One example of an obstructed bill that advances this is the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act, which would correct staffing imbalances and nurse-to-patient ratios in many NYS hospitals and stabilize the long-term growth of our hospitals. Learn more here.
  • I support measures that advance equal pay across gender and racial lines, as well as appropriate amounts of family and maternity leave.

One of the central elements of the American Dream is the promise that hard work and integrity will be rewarded by the system. That doesn’t happen as much as it could these days, and I stand in full support of our labor movement’s ongoing fight to realize those ideals. People who do equal work should receive equal pay. Everyone who works full-time should not only be able to take care of expenses. They should be financially secure and able to save for the future. We have a shot at making that a reality, but only if we hold Albany accountable.